Our company

Our founder Dr. Reena Jain holds a Ph.D. in naturopathy and a diploma in clinical nutrition and Aromatherapy. Her love for nature cure and the thirst to be able to help as many as possible to promote wellness and health led to the birth of Rena Essentials(RE).

At RE we have curated essential oil blends that can be used topically and in RE’s diffusers in various health ailments like cold and flu, migraine, headache, allergies, and many others. At RE we also customize therapeutic blends based on the client’s requirements. Dr. Reena Jain has recommended essential oils to many of her patients and to her friends and family members.

In fact, she believes that they are the most underutilized form of plant-based medicine in the world today. One of her life's missions is to help transform the health of this world by teaching people how to implement essential oils into their daily lives.

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